Guided Tours in Valle d'Aosta

Città di Aosta

A Film Tour

A tour to discover the places where both Italian and international films were shot.

Città di Aosta

Aosta Walking Tour the Rome of the Alps

A tour through the history of the ancient city of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, the Rome of the Alps

Borghi e castelli

Verres Castle Guided Tour

The one-piece fortified military castle. It was owned by the noble Challant family.

Città di Aosta

Walking Tour Middle Ages

The tour begins in the heart of the Roman city to better illustrate the transition to the Middle Ages. Guided tour of medieval Aosta and its most significant medieval monuments.

Storie di montagna

Mont Blanc and Courmayeur

A guided tour in Courmayeur with Mont-Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps.


Pondel Aqueduct Aosta Valley

Located in the municipality of Aymavilles, the Pont-d'Aël (Pondel) aqueduct bridge is a true example of Roman architecture, dating back to the Augustan age but still in perfect condition today.

Borghi e castelli

Gamba Castle

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art


The megalithic area of Aosta I Guided Tour

The Archaeological Park and Museum of the Megalithic Area of Saint-Martin-de-Corlèans I Neolithic I Early Bronze Age I Bronze Age I Iron Age I Roman and Middle Ages I

Città di Aosta

Chritsmas Market