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Aymavilles Castle Guided Tour

Tour description

On this tour we will discover together the Castle of Aymavilles, the eighth wonder of the system of castles in Valle d'Aosta.

I will accompany you on a discovery of this splendid Castle, a historic residence dating back to the early 1200s AD, born as a defensive fortress but which has become a splendid stately residence, surrounded by vineyards and characterised by a mixture of architectural styles as commissioned by the Challant family, a noble family of the area who held ownership until the nineteenth century.

What is most striking, once you arrive at the Castle, is its elegance, a characteristic feature of its four towers, its eightteenth-century façades and the interiors of its rooms.

During our visit, I will accompany you to discover the Aymavilles Castle Collection and the nineteenth-century collection of the Académie Saint-Anselme, founded by the Prior of the Collegiate Church of Saints Peter and Bear Jean-Antoine Gal in the mid-19th century.

We will walk together through a four-level itinerary, starting with the first, dedicated to the historical owners of the residence, then passing through the hall and the Académie's collection to arrive at the original fifteenth-century carpentry, in a journey to discover the history and culture of this area.

Since 1970, the Castle has been the property of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, the restoration work began twenty years ago and was completed with the inauguratin on December 21, 2021.

Access to the Castle will be allowed to visitors from 15 May 2022, one more reason to be among the first!

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Entrance fees

 Full price - 9 €, reduced price 7€ (with a tour guide from Aosta Valley)


Guided Tour - Aymavilles Castle Guided Tour

Guided Tour to the Castle of Aymavilles