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Savoy Castle in Gressoney-Saint-Jean


 The Castel Savoia was built at the behest of Queen Margherita of Savoy at the beginning of the 20th century. It is located in the locality of Belvedere in Gressoney-Saint-Jean with a breathtaking view of the Monterosa massif. The Queen frequented the Lys Valley as early as the 1890s and stayed in Baron Luigi Beck-Peccoz's Schloesschen in Gressoney.

Its exterior consists of a central rectangular body, with four cusp-roofed towers, and inside it is richly decorated. On the ground floor of the castle there are interconnecting rooms designed for everyone, and private flats above.

The Savoy Castle is a true pearl of the Valdostan Castles. It is impossible not to feel like you are in a fairy tale once you stand in front of its turrets that make it look like an enchanted castle!

In fact, the castle is located in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by beautiful scenery, full of charm in every season.

As in every fairytale, however, to reach the princess, it will be necessary to walk a short climb, but it will be worth it! =)

This splendid location, not by chance, was strongly desired by Queen Margherita of Savoy, who, after having fallen in love with the Valle del Lys, thanks to her stays at Baron Luigi Beck-Peccoz's Schloesschen in Gressoney, wanted, at all costs, to have her own castle in this magical setting, and the project was entrusted to Emilio Stramucci.

As if that were not enough, this naturalistic spectacle is located in a splendid vantage point from which it is possible to admire the Gressoney valley, with a breathtaking view of Monte Rosa, which is worth every step to get there!

But the surprises don't end there! Once you arrive at the castle, I will accompany you on a discovery of the sumptuous halls and rooms of the castle, embellished with an eclectic and carefully curated style and equipped with every comfort of the time. You will really feel as if you are living in a fairy tale with its kings and queens, whose exploits we will retrace together, but above all, their customs and traditions.

As we shall see, the rooms are splendid examples of architectural experimentation, richly decorated with medieval-inspired furnishings and decorations, revisited, however, in a modern key, thanks to the work of local craftsmen and Piedmontese excellences such as carver Michele Dellera and Carlo Cussetti, for the pictorial decorations. 

We will start our visit from the ground floor, where the common rooms are located, communicating with each other, and continue to the upper floor, where we will visit the private flats.

A recurring detail will be the daisy flower, whose motifs scattered throughout the fortress, in honour of the Queen, together with the mottos of the House of Savoy, become true ornamental and decorative motifs in the Castle.

I strongly advise you not to miss this itinerary, it will leave you speechless!

Admission costs

Full ticket - 8€, reduced price with a guide from Aosta Valley - 6€ (with a tour guide from Aosta Valley)

Opening hours

Winter opening hours, Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1pm, 2pm - 5 pm

Things to know

The visit will last 30 minutes inside (15 minutes outside).

Guided Tour - Savoy Castle in Gressoney-Saint-Jean

Guided tour of the Savoy Castle. The building was built at the behest of Queen Margaret of Savoy at the beginning of the 20th century.