Città di Aosta

Cryptoporticus and Cathedral


On this tour I will accompany you to discover two of the most important artistic and architectural testimonies of the city.

Our first stop will be the Forensic Cryptoporticus, one of the best preserved Roman buildings in Aosta and one of the earliest architectural constructions dating back to the foundation of the city. We will study its structure together, which is very special. The Cryptoporticus, in fact, is horseshoe-shaped, with a double gallery and barrel vaults, supported by arches in local limestone. It encloses the sacred area with two twin temples.

During our visit, we will observe its details and reveal its secrets to you, it will be a very interesting tour!

We will continue our tour by visiting the Cathedral of Aosta, dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint John the Baptist: one of the oldest Christian buildings in the region and the subject over time to various reconstructions and restorations. The cathedral, as I will illustrate, holds many surprises inside that we will discover together. In fact, in interior it contains three baptisteries, splendid frescoes in the attic, two medieval mosaics, a wonderful wooden choir and interesting side chapels.

I am waiting you to discover the secrets of Aosta together!


The complete ticket includes the entrance to the Theatre, MAR, Cryptoporticus, Megalithic Area and Paleochristian Basilica of San Lorenzo. Full price - 10,00€, Reduced price - 8,00€ (those accompanied by the Aosta Valley tour guide

The Megalithic Area is closed until July 2023

Dates and times 

Winter opening hours, daily 10 am- 1 pm, 2pm - 5pm


Guided Tour - Cryptoporticus and Cathedral

Guided tour of the Forensic Cryptoporticus and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Giovanni Battista.