Città di Aosta

Evening Tour of Aosta with a Tour Guide


The beauty of the city of Aosta together with the magic of the night!

This itinerary is very special as it will entirely take place during the evening, when we will meet up to visit the splendid city of Aosta together and learn the history and secrets of the Rome of the Alps.

Our tour will begin with the earliest Roman testimonies, such as the Honorary Arch of Augustus, built to commemorate the victory of the Roman Empire over the Salassi, and will continue by retracing, step by step, the history of this magnificent capital, through its beautiful architectural testimonies and its hidden gems.

To unearth its treasures, we will pass through the monumental entrance to the city, which will lead us to the Porta Praetoria, illuminated by the moon.

Our magical evening will then continue along the city walls to the Roman Theatre, commissioned by Emperor Claudius. Once there, the decumanus maximus, the main road in Roman times, will guide us to the Roman Forum and the Forensic Cryptoporticus, the most significant testimonies of the Roman era.

Our tour through the centuries will finally end in front of the Cathedral of Aosta, a medieval testimony that will tell us of the changes that have taken place over the ages in this splendid city. Throughout the tour, the stars will accompany us: an unmissable opportunity to discover the city in a new light, absolutely recommended for romantics and non-romantic types alike!


Guided Tour - Evening Tour of Aosta with a Tour Guide

Evening Tour of Roman and Medieval Aosta starting from the Arch of Augustus and ending in front of Aosta Cathedral.