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Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

Tour description

The castle of Fénis is located a few kilometres from Aosta, in a beautiful natural setting and is a very important testimony of medieval history that has been preserved to this day.

The castle with many towers, has medieval origins, with an older body and more recent additions.

Unlike most of the castles in Valle d'Aosta, that of Fenis rises in an area without natural defences, so it is possible to think that it was not designed with a strategic function but as a noble residence, a thesis, certainly, supported by its unquestionable beauty.

As soon as we are in front of the castle, we can admire its appearance, which is exactly what one would expect from a medieval castle with towers, crenellated walls, decorations, frescoes and an enchanted aura, after all, we are in front of what was the residence of the Challant family and its Fénis branch for several centuries.

Afterwards, we will enter its rooms and admire its beautiful frescoes, retracing the many stories of life that followed one another inside.

Strolling through the walls and observing the decorations, the Challant family's intention to create a compromise between, effective defensive measures, necessary for the defence of the manor and opulence, as a symbol of prestige, will always be very evident.

Among the most splendid examples of this search for balance are the various late Gothic frescoes, including those in the courtyard, depicting St George freeing the princess by slaying the dragon, and those in the chapel, with the Madonna of Mercy, executed, with good workmanship, by the atelier of Giacomo Jaquerio.

The decline of the Challant family, unfortunately, brought about a gradual abandonment of the Castle but, fortunately, the structure was later restored, as we will see, in 1895 by the Portuguese architect, Alfredo d'Andrade, who donated it to the state, which is why we can visit it today.


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Entrance fees

Full ticket - 9€, reduced - 7€ (those with a tour guide from Aosta Valley)

Opening hours

Winter opening hours, Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1 pm, 2 pm - 5 pm

Things to know

The visit lasts 30 minutes inside, 15 minutes outside. The entrance can be booked free of charge by the guide.

Guided Tour - Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

Discover most known medieval castle of Aosta Valley. Explore the history of Challant family.