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Bard and the Fortress of Bard


I will take you on a tour of Bard, one of the most beautiful villages in Valle d'Aosta and its magnificent Fortress.

Its history begins many centuries ago, the Fort, in fact, stands along the old Roman road of the Gauls of which vestiges still remain. Of medieval origin, on the other hand, are some dwellings located along the footpath leading to the imposing Fort, a place where, it seems, the Clausurae Augustanae, an Ostrogoth garrison, were already located in the sixth century.

We will retrace, step by step, the fascinating history of the fort, also through the testimonies of its most illustrious visitors who, impressed by its beauty, reported on it in various chronicles, the oldest of which date back to the early Middle Ages.

In addition to its majesty, the Fortress of Bard has maintained its importance over the centuries due to its perfect strategic position: as we shall see, in fact, being located along the course of the Dora Baltea, it allowed control of both the Po Valley and Savoy and, precisely in order to prevent it from falling into enemy hands, Napoleon Bonaparte gave orders to raze it to the ground during his passage to the Battle of Marengo.

It was then Charles Felix of Savoy, fearing new aggressions on the French front, who ordered its restoration, the stages of which I will explain to you during our visit. You can ask me all the questions you want!

Today, the Fortress is a very important museum centre that retraces the history of the Fortress, its visitors and regional art. The Museum of the Alps is very important and is also home to exhibition spaces, conference rooms and activities for the promotion of local culture.

It will be an itinerary, absolutely, not to be missed, in which I will accompany you in your discovery of the history and culture of this region, starting from one of its most enchanting places!

If you are interested into a guided tour of Bard please write me:

Entrance cost

The cost of the entrance ticket is € 8.00 full, € 7.00 reduced

Opening hours

Summer opening hours, daily 9am-7pm

Things to know

Guided tour of the village and the Fortress of Bard including an exhibition area will last approx. 2 hours. Entrance tickets are not included in the cost of the guided tour.

Guided Tour - Bard and the Fortress of Bard

One of the most beautiful villages in Valle d'Aosta. There are Roman and Medieval vestiges. Inside of the Fortress there are a lot of different museums and art exhibitions. Must see it.