Città di Aosta

Walking Tour Aosta


 A full immersion in the history of the ancient city of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, the Rome of the Alps!

Our tour will begin at the Honorary Arch of Augustus, an iconic Roman landmark, built to commemorate the victory of the Roman Empire over the Salassi. After that, we will proceed to the monumental entrance of the city, where we will visit the Porta Praetoria, to trace the history of this splendid example of Roman architecture and those who passed through it.

Our fascinating journey will continue along the city walls, whose path will take us to the Roman Theatre, a jewel, built a few decades after the founding of the city, which has come down to us, and whose beauty I look forward to showing you.

But the surprises are not over yet!

In fact, we will continue our adventure in discovering the city's treasures, retracing the decumanus maximus, the old main road in Roman times, whose route will lead us to the remains of the heart of the ancient city: the Roman Forum and the Forensic Cryptoporticus.

Our itinerary will then end at the Aosta Cathedral, a splendid example of medieval art and architecture that will help us retrace the history of this splendid city over the centuries.

It will be a structured and complete itinerary to relive the history of the city, through its most important testimonies, in which I will be very happy to accompany you!

Entrance fees

The combined ticket includes the entrance to the Roman Theatre, MAR, Cryptoporticus, Megalithic Area and Basilica Paleocristiana di San Lorenzo. Full price - 10€, reduced price - 8€ for those with a tour guide from Aosta Valley

Winter opening hours, daily 10am-5pm 

The Megalithic Area will be closed.



Guided Tour - Walking Tour Aosta

A classical walking tour in the heart of Aosta