Città di Aosta

The Forensic Cryptoporticus is where grandeur of the Roman architecture can be seen

The Forensic Cryptoporticus 

One of the testimonies of the Augusta Praetoria is the hidden portico close to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. 

Our first stop will be at the Forensic Cryptoporticus, one of the best preserved Roman constructions in Aosta and one of the oldest architectural works visible in the city, dating back to the foundation of the city in 25 BCE. Together we will have a look at its structure, which is very unusual with its peculiar horseshoe shape, with a double gallery and barrel vaults, supported by pillars and arches in local limestone. The covered portico delimited the sacred area of the forum, creating a scenic backdrop inside which stood two twin temples.

During our visit we will observe its details and reveal its secrets, it will be a very interesting tour!

We will then visit the Cathedral of Aosta, dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint John the Baptist: one of the most ancient Christian buildings in the region, it has undergone many reconstructions and restorations over the years. As I will show you, the interior of the cathedral is full of surprises: the remains of a Roman domus, three baptismal fonts, magnificent Ottonian frescoes, Romanesque mosaics, a magnificent wooden choir from the 15th century and interesting side chapels.

I am waiting for you to discover together the secrets of Aosta!

Entrance fees
The combined ticket includes entrance to the Cryptoporticus, the MAR, and the Early Christian Basilica of San Lorenzo.

5€, 3€ from 19 to 25, free under 18

The Roman Theater is closed.

Dates and times
Winter opening hours, daily 10-13, 14-17

Summer opening hours, daily 9am - 7pm

Additional Information
The Cryptoporticus is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Guided Tour - The Forensic Cryptoporticus is where grandeur of the Roman architecture can be seen

The Forensic Cryptoporticus of Aosta is a unique hidden portico!