Review by a German couple on 13/11/2021

We were absolutely thrilled with the guided tour. Mrs. Hanna Zacharczyk guided us through the beautiful old town of Aosta in a competent and personal manner and explained the details of the historical places very clearly and enriched them with details not found in any tourist guide.

On a scale of 0 to 10, he gets top marks from us. We can highly recommend her tour.

Wir waren von der Führung uneingeschränkt begeistert. Kompetent und zugleich persönlich hat uns Frau Hanna Zachrczyk durch die wunderschöne Altstadt von Aosta geführt und sehr anschaulich die Einzelheiten der historischen Plätze erläutert und durch Details bereichert, wie sie sicher in keinem Reiseführer stehen.

Auf einer Skala von 0 bis 10 bekommt sie von uns die volle Punktzahl. Wir können ihre Führung wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

Review by an American client on 23/02/2022

I was very happy with the visit, I found the guide to be professional, knowledgeable and her level of English good, so it was easy to understand everything. I would also like to visit the castles in the valley in the future, so I will contact her again in the future.

Review by a client on 04/05/2022

Aosta is much more than you think. The climate, the views, the food. Castles to explore right next door. Monte Bianco. But it also has hidden places, invisible to the tourist, especially one who is in Aosta for a short time. Hanna Zacharczyk, who is a local tourist guide, showed us two of them - an underground structure called cryptoporticus and frescoes hidden in the attic of one of the churches. Hania! What you showed us is simply beautiful! We will certainly return to Aosta, because it is not an obvious place and worth paying more attention to.