18 January 2022

Castel Savoia in Gressoney-Saint-Jean

The Savoy Castle (Castel Savoia) was built at the behest of Queen Margherita of Savoy in the early 20th century. It is located in the village of Belvedere in Gressoney-Saint-Jean with a breathtaking view of Monte Rosa. The Queen frequented the Lys Valley as early as the 1890s and stayed in Baron Luigi Beck-Peccoz's Bavarian Schloesschen in Gressoney.

Its exterior consists of a central rectangular body, with four cusp-roofed towers, and  inside it is richly decorated. On the ground floor of the castle there are interconnecting rooms designed for everyone, and private flats above.

The project was entrusted to Emilio Stramucci and the eclectic style is evident, with every comfort of the time. The interior decorations were entrusted to local and Piedmontese craftsmen such as carver Michele Dellera and Carlo Cussetti for the pictorial decorations. The motto of the House of Savoy F.E.R.T. and the Savoy Heraldic knot were often used in the decorations.

The acronym F.E.R.T. is indicated as the motto of the House of Savoy as early as the first half of the 14th century with Count Amadeus V because of his participation in the Battle of Rhodes and the defence of the Christian religion, so it could be Fortitudo Eius Rodhum Tenuit (Latin: His strength preserved Rhodes). Or another hypothesis places it together with the collar of the Order of Santissima Annunziata.

There are various objects inside the castle, including a sledge. One of Valentino Curta's photographs taken in August 1893 shows the Queen after the ascent of the Punta Gnifetti in the Monte Rosa massif.

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 Address: Castel Savoia, Località Belvedere, Gressoney-Saint-Jean 


Castel Savoia