About me

Hi, my name is Hanna Zacharczyk and I am an official tour guide of the Aosta Valley also known as Valle d'Aosta

I am an Italian citizen but I'm Polish by origin. I have been living in Valle d'Aosta for some time now, a region I have fallen in love with and which, thanks to my love for it, I have become an official tour guide.

I lead tours in several languages: Italian, German, English and Polish.

For guided tours in German please visit the website www.stadtfuehrung-aosta.com or write an email to info@stadtfuehrung-aosta.com 

To those who choose to go on a tour with me, I love to tell them about this area in my own way, trying to convey my emotions and to make them feel the past of a place that has been a crossroads of cultures and trade for centuries and that still bears the traces of this important past.

I like to experience the guided tour not as a lesson, but as an exchange in which we reflect together, based on what we see and its history.